Learning Theory and the Brain: A Resource Review

Today I found a number of interesting articles about the brain and learning on a website blog called appropriately, “Learning & the Brain”. http://www.learningandthebrain.com/blog/  I found Jonathan Scheff’s article “Math is for Babies: You’re Never Too Young to Start Learning” a compelling argument that quantity awareness is present in new born infants and that earlier and greater exposure to math has similar effects as earlier and greater exposure to reading. A great read for anyone but I would recommend it as a must read for a math teacher.

If you are a note taker, you have to read the article by Andrew Watson (“Duly noted: The Difference Between Laptops and Pen and Paper”) reviewing Pam Mueller and Dan Oppenheimer’s research on pen vs laptop note taking.

Learning and the Brain is an excellent resource with articles that delve deep into the subject of Neuroscience with details on current studies and research. It also has information on conferences and meetings in the Neuroscience field.


If you’re looking for a great resource about learning theories, then you should check out LearningTheories.com. http://www.learning-theories.com/ The major theories are listed under the “By Category” tab. I reviewed the article on Information Processing Theory. It gave a good explanation of the theory, it’s key contributors and had links for additional reading. Until I have the various theories memorized, this will be my review site.