Three Blogs for Design

100_0268Today I’m looking at Instructional Design Blogs.

Three blogs I found interesting and will follow for now are; LearningOutLoud,, WriteSpot,, and Instructional Technologies and Materials Development,


LearningOutLoud (Jody Lumsden, 2016) is a recent blog with a number of interesting and helpful articles about training and adult education. I found the article about questions for stakeholders particularly interesting. It would have been better if more than the top four questions were included but it’s a good start. I loved the idea of creating a pre-assessment to test out for students that can as Jody suggests in her article “Your courses are Already Being Gamified”. Great idea Jody!

WriteSpot (Jennifer Yaros, 2016) is a good Instructional Design Blog. I found the 7 Tips for Creating  Video Lectures  (eLearning Brothers) very helpful. WriteSpot is great for top tips including the 7 Outstanding Leadership Lessons from the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers, not that I’m a sports fan. Jennifer has a number of interesting articles for trainers and designers.

Instructional Technologies and Materials Development (Sumeyye Busra AK, 2016) is both informative and colorful. I enjoyed the style of the blog as well as the articles. Sumeyye has great graphics and can give the reader new ways to design. You must check out the Mind Map and the Diffusion of Innovation Graphics. I will be watching for more from Sumeyye.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the Instructional Technologies and Materials Management blog. This blog is very colorful and user-friendly. The site is very dynamic. I love how the author, Sümeyye Büşra AK, provides information for both technology and instructional design. He provides introductory information for both topics. On the Home Screen, all of the blogs are displayed in an clear and attractive manner. Sümeyye Büşra AK also provides “jump to” links that categorizes the blogs into the topics for easy access. I really enjoyed the article on the Principles of Multimedia Learning. This article provides tips to the presentation of material using multimedia. The visuals are wonderful and it is laid out in a practical manner where anyone could understand. I found the Mind Map quite interesting because it maps out what Instructional Technology is visually. I only wish Sümeyye Büşra AK would have applied some type of narrative explaining the significance of the map. I would refer to this blog to get some practical ideas about ID and/or as a future resource to refer to if I need a basic information about Instructional Technology.

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