How Did I Get Here?

I started as a graphic artist converting camera ready art to digital using Adobe Illustrator back in the mid 1990’s. My first experiences as an actual trainer and curriculum designer was with Marketlinx in 2001 designing and delivering custom classes for real estate agents and appraisers on using the Marketlinx MLS system. From 2001 until 2010 I worked mostly as a contractor for companies like IBM Learning, Pearson Education and Accenture as either a trainer or instructional designer.

In 2010, I joined Sandata as a senior trainer and account manager. As a state account manager I was responsible for both educating the client and end-users on using our software and managing stakeholder and client relations. During my 5 years there I worked with state agencies like AHCA, Choices and DADS to develop business cases (needs analysis) identifying business needs and then working with programmers to develop a requirements solutions document describing in technical detail how the company proposed to solve the problems.  I worked with all three agencies to develop customized reports using Excel to build the tables and charts before exporting to Word for layout and printing as a pdf.  I did quarterly town hall meetings with end users, quarterly face to face meetings with the clients, and weekly WebEx meetings and update training classes for clients and end-users. My experiences at Sandata definately reinforced my analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation skills (ADDIE).

In 2017, I earned a Post Baccalaureate from Walden University in Instructional Design while working as an Instructional Designer for Improvement Interactive. Frank, the CEO and owner at Improvement Interactive had recently created a Git GUI tool for his development team and wanted me to develop an 8 hour instructor lead Git training course for programmers and programming managers, including modules for GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket hosting services.